The Greatfool Womxn

You know the girl. She has a certain panache because she has a story that has shaped her. 

Life's dealt her some cruel hands, but she's emerged on the other side, aware, bold, and wise to the world. This confidence in knowing who she is, what she loves and where she's going can't be bought. 

From sampling a Seoul street market's delights to sneaking into afterparties off Melbourne's labyrinthine laneways and immersing herself in the unique art scene at its heart, the Greatfool womxn is spontaneous; a rebellious spirit that will never be extinguished.

Quality is important, but so is individuality. She loves to surround herself in things that are a little left of centre, pieces that remind her of those wistful days of youth and fill her house with personality and good vibes. She's not interested in overpriced luxe goods because she knows beautifully made, ethical products needn't cost the Earth.


Whether it's having a wine by the fire while spinning some soul or unwinding in a tub with the very best aromas and intentions, the Greatfool womxn knows what she wants, and she wants what she likes.


She's gonna shake up some karma and do it her way.