Crystal Stemmed Wine Glasses

Our stunning hand-filled crystal wine glasses are like no other.

Made from five-star hotel-grade borosilicate glass, they’re elegant and fine enough to be fancy yet strong enough to outlast any mid-week wine time with your best pals.

Choose from delicate stems laden with raw mini crystals to create the mood.

Featuring hand selected varieties to offer you just what you need. 

Strawberry Quartz  - the ‘Stone of Joy’

Rose Quartz -  for love and light;

Alabaster - for emotional protection

Green Aventurine - to attract wealth and luck

Prism - our signature blend a magic mix of alabaster, rose quartz, green aventurine and clear quartz for the perfect balance to see you through

Greatfool crystal-filled stemmed wine glasses also come in an Assorted set of four wine glasses to make the ideal engagement, 21st birthday, housewarming, get well soon or anniversary gift in an exquisite, collectible Greatfool keepsake box.

The ultimate good vibe maker, there’s a Greatfool crystal-stemmed wine glass for every friend, special occasion, gift, and sommelier of the world. Intuitively chosen for you, harness the magic of our revolutionary customisable crystal-filled wine glasses with every coveted sip.

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