Crystal-Stemmed Wine Goblets

Striking Crystal-Stemmed Wine Goblets with stems hand-filled with your favourite crystal for when the mood calls for a luscious glass of red.

Drink fancy and bring the winter weather in with a fruity glass of red wine in Greatfool’s newest glassware product, our specially-designed, crystal-filled Wine Goblets.

Created for the Greatfool girl due to popular demand, these are the world’s first durable borosilicate wine goblets with tiny sparkling crystals in their delicate stems.

Filled with a galaxy of stunning ethically-sourced crystals, choose from:
• Lapis lazuli,
• Pyrite,
• Amethyst,
• Rose quartz,
• or a cosmic mix of each.

What wine types can you enjoy in wine goblets?
• Shiraz,
• Merlot,
• Pinot noir,
• Sangiovese,
• or a heady Cabernet

What else makes the Greatfool red wine goblet so special?
• Specially shaped deep bowls to grip and swill for perfect wine aeration
• Created to capture the aromas and flavours of your wine while you sip with friends into the midnight hour
• Designed in Melbourne and batch crafted
• Presented in a beautiful storage box and packaging to make the perfect wine lover’s gift.