Cocktail Stirrers

Add a touch of crystal power to your cocktail session with our gem-filled glass swizzle sticks, ready to take you from novice to mixologist.

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With our unique crystal-filled borosilicate glass cocktail stirrers, add some sparkle and positive crystal energy to every home bartending session. Complete with our signature Greatfool face, choose the crystal that calls to you and mix your favourite drinks for your friends to match the mood. The perfect entry-level Greatfool gift for the drink lover in your life.

Our stirrers are filled with tiny, raw, ethical gems in a wide range of crystal types. Choose from rose quartz to nurture and bring the connection to your girls’ night; green aventurine to add some good luck vibes to your martini, amethyst to bring relaxation, alabaster for a touch of courage, or our exclusive prism mix; to gift you all the love, clarity and energy you need at happy hour.