Crystal Candles

Elevate your mood with our hand-poured soy & coconut wax candles, infused with our favourite crystals in a crystal-shaped reusable glass like no other.

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Greatfool’s crystal-infused hand-blended crystal candles are like no other. 100% sustainable and natural, coconut and soy wax, combined with a perfect blend of exclusive perfume blends, work together in harmony with intuitively chosen raw, ethically-sourced crystals to provide relaxation, clarity and warmth to any space close to your heart. Poured with love into an exclusively-designed, super-durable and reusable bevelled teardrop-shaped candle glass, you’ll enjoy over 100 hours of burn time and scents so good you could eat them.

Choose from Citrine and the Queens scented with a mouthwatering blend of sea salt, cucumber and amber to boost self-esteem and creativity; Lock Stock & Smoky Quartz’s heady earthy tones of buddha wood, bergamot, and petitgrain to elevate your mood; Rose Quartz McGowan’s flora love-bomb of grapefruit, ylang-ylang and patchouli to connect to the heart chakra, and Clear Quartz Revival, with energising spicy black pepper, sweet cypress and lemon myrtle to magnify the senses.

Relax and burn over and over, then reuse your crystals to provide power and energy and the unique candle glass for whisky, wine, water, flowers, or your treasures, forever and ever. Packaged in our exclusive, collectible Greaftool gift box with bonus candle coaster, our slow-burn candles are crafted with your peace and happiness
in mind.