Plastic Free

It's everything to stand for something. Here at Greatfool HQ, we stand for the planet and for protecting her for future generations. We're not saving the world, but we are conscious of consumer culture and fast fashion and are working hard to reduce our footprint and give back.  


Did you know that approximately 130,000 tonnes of plastic will find its way into Australia's waterways and the ocean this year alone? If you're like us and have no concept of how huge that is, it's equivalent to 21,000 elephants. Whoa.

Here at Greatfool, we make it our mission to avoid using any single-use plastic; in fact, plastics of any kind.

Single-use plastic is not only wasteful but incredibly damaging to the environment. We have designed our packaging with the environment top-of-mind – from our recyclable mesh bags and biodegradable cardboard to the protective foam that ensures our products get delivered safely to you.


Here are some ways we have Mother Nature's back:


All of our Wine Glasses, Goblets, Coupes, Cheese Knives, Candles and Stirrers come in recyclable cardboard packaging. 

Borosilicate Glass

This stuff is the bomb, but not literally. Made from naturally abundant materials, borosilicate glass withstands extreme temperature changes, unlike regular glass. Its durability yet delicateness has made it the glass of choice for high-end restaurants, laboratories and wineries and has the potential to last a lifetime if treated well. Greatfool uses borosilicate glass exclusively.


Our apparel line includes organic cotton jersey and organic French terry, using up to 91% less water and producing fewer greenhouse emissions than most non-organic fabrics. Yasss.


All Greatfool apparel comes in reusable mesh bags to minimise waste and provide more than one use for your purchase.  They can be used for grocery shopping, storing linen, or even for keeping your new purchase protected while in storage. Greatfool packaging too is plastic-free (yay, no bubble wrap!) and compostable to ensure we're not contributing to the masses of rubbish going into landfill each day.



Like our reusable mesh bags, you can enjoy Greatfool products over and over. Fill your empty candle glass with gin, whisky, flowers, anything! Greatfool candles also come with their very own collectable coaster. Repurpose these for your fave drinks, girlfriends! We've even seen our stirrers adding a touch of whimsy to flower arrangements around HQ. So many possibilities…


We do our best to ensure that our crystals are sustainably sourced and that the mining of these crystals has the lowest environmental impact possible. We also strive to work with suppliers who offer safe environments for their workers, fair wages and acceptable working conditions.

Garment Manufacturing

As part of our sustainability efforts, we offer a seasonless approach to our premium streetwear range – by focusing on all the details and supreme longevity so you can keep our pieces in your wardrobe longer.

Our hand-selected suppliers offer us smaller runs and the exact fabrics and components we require to create the perfect, most considered product.

We value our organic cotton certification, ethical production methods and Oeko Tex accreditation.

Along with this use of ethically farmed fibres, our approach enables minimal returns, and less wastage because you'll love our apparel pretty much forever. 

This sustainable approach does not skimp on quality; in fact, you'll love the look of our products. Everything, from the details, to the packaging, is sourced with love and the environment in mind. It's small actions that can promote the biggest change. 

Welcome to our Fold.

Disclaimer – Every decision, from packaging down to our buttons, is made with the earth in mind and we never stop searching for plastic-free, ethical materials for our products. Some products may contain a very small derivative of plastic (or plastic material) because an alternative is not yet readily available. We continue to update our products accordingly.