The Greatfool Woman

So who is a Greatfool Woman? She has a certain panache because she has a story that has shaped her. You know the type, she likes to sit on the fringe of society, ever so careful not to fall into any one box. Her individuality is her identity.

She dreams of Seoul Street market delights and sneaking into after parties off Melbourne's graffiti lined laneways. She immerses herself in culture while her adventurous spirit keeps her curious and ready for action.

 The Greatfool Woman loves to surround herself in things that are a little left of centre, pieces that are reminiscent of those wistful days of youth that fill her house with character and good vibes. She's not interested in overpriced luxe goods because she knows a beautifully made, totally original product when she sees one. She cares about the world around her and will put her money where her mouth is.

 Whether she’s having a wine by the fire while spinning some soul tunes or unwinding in a tub with the very best aromas and intentions, the Greatfool Woman knows what she wants and she wants what she likes.


She's gonna shake up some karma and do it her way.