Cheese Knives

Our crystal-handled cheese knives are one-of-a-kind. Wow your guests at happy hour and strengthen your intuitions with your new bougie, luxe cheese platter companion.

The on-trend gold or silver plating, for soft cheese, hard cheese, spreading dip, butter, avocado or pate.

There’s a cheese knife, butter spreader or grazing gift set for every occasion, best friend and special celebration.

Each Greatfool ethically-sourced crystal is an individual piece of nature in its own right and intuitively chosen for you, with your peace and happiness in mind.

Opt for a chunky amethyst handle for love, peace and relaxation, green fluorite for healing and protection, black tourmaline for cleansing your aura and releasing tension, rose quartz for unconditional love and forgiveness, and clear quartz for clarity, guidance and confidence.

All Greatfool premium-quality crystal cheese knives are packaged beautifully in our exclusive, collectible gift boxes for the perfect engagement, birthday, housewarming, anniversary or good luck present.

Kick your party platter and cheese board goals with our one-in-a-million covetable cheese knives for a truly special way to entertain your gang at home.

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