The Best Australian Made Gin and In What Glass to Serve Them

Welcome, fellow gin enthusiasts! Are you tired of drinking the same old gin and tonic in a boring glass? Well, fear not, because we've got you covered with our expert guide (well, I can say with confidence we are quite experienced in this). In this article, we'll be exploring our favourite Australian gin brands and the perfect glass coupes to serve them in. But wait, there's more! We'll also be delving into the world of gin and tonic glassware, so you can impress your friends and elevate your drinking game to a whole new level. So, be prepared to get inspired for your next gin cocktail and let's get started.

The Best Australian Gin Brands and How to Serve Them

Alright , let's get down to business and talk about the best Australian gin brands out there. After you find out which gin to serve in which glass, go ahead and impress your guests with your newfound knowledge. Cheers to great gin and even greater company!

Chilli Gin by Death Gin

death chills gin

Don't let the name fool you, this gin is truly heavenly. Hold onto your taste buds, because Death Gin’s Chilli Gin is here to light them up! Infused with premium Bird’s Eye Chillies, this limited edition gin has been described as everything from “crazy good” to “like a big warm and spicy hug”. And we have to agree. The fun tasting notes? Better than a gentle kick in the face. The less-fun notes? The gin takes on a red tinge from the spicy Bird’s Eye Chillies, but still has the signature juniper berry, lemon peel, tonka bean, and leatherwood honey botanicals that make Death Gin so special. The stunning spicy kick of the Australian Bird’s Eye Chillies is the star of the show here, making this gin one of Greatfool’s all-time favorites. 

TIP: Stir up a Lychee Screamer cocktail in our Green Aventurine Cocktail Coupes to bring out its bold flavours. Want a matching cocktail stirrer? The Green Aventurine Cocktail Stirrer will elevate your cocktail-making game and make it so much easier and fun. 

Hearts Afire Gin by Brogan's Way

Hearts Afire Gin by Brogan's Way

This modern dry gin is a masterful blend of spicy winter aromatics and native Australian botanicals, crafted to warm your soul with every sip. The balance of sweet orange peel, lilli-pilli, and native strawberry gum offers a gentle yet full-bodied sweetness, while the fragrant spices of nutmeg, cloves, aniseed myrtle, and cassia give it that warm, cosy embrace we all crave. And let's not forget the finishing touch - hot green cardamom and black peppercorn are carried through in the long, nutty finish provided by the soft oils of native roasted wattleseed. A coupe glass would be a great choice for Hearts Afire Gin by Brogan's Way. This type of glass is ideal for aromatic cocktails and allows the drinker to fully experience the complex flavours and aromas of the gin. Additionally, the elegant and timeless look of a coupe glass will add a touch of sophistication to your gin-drinking experience.

The Journey Gin by Imbue Distillery 

It's a small-batch gin made from locally sourced botanicals like native finger limes and pepperberry. Its smooth and delicate taste is best served in a simple crystal cocktail coupe to let its natural flavours speak for themselves. Sipping it neat, you'll get a juicy burst of apple flavour, followed by the unmistakable taste of juniper. So buckle up and take a journey with Imbue - this is one ride you won't want to miss!

Bloody Shiraz Gin by Four Pillars Gin

four pillars bloody shiraz gin

Last but not least, we have Bloody Shiraz Gin by Four Pillars Gin. Each year, the Four Pillars distillery takes local Shiraz fruit, steeps the whole berries in high-proof gin for eight weeks before pressing, resulting in a magical purple hue and distinct peppery, dense raspberry notes. The aroma is a beautiful blend of fresh pine needles, citrus and spice, while the palate is sweet with a long juniper and spice finish. It's hard not to become obsessed with this gin, and it's no wonder why it's become one of Four Pillars' most sought-after creations and it one of our personal favourites. 

TIP: Serve it in our Strawberry Quartz coupe with a wide bowl so you are able to fit a generous amount of ice and enhance gin’s aroma and taste. And another benefit - the coupes have their stems hand-filled with Strawberry Quartz - the darker, creamier cousin to rose quartz so they can match the Bloody Shiraz Gin’s mystical purple hues. 


The Best Glassware for Gin and Tonic

Now that we've given you our top recommendations for Australian gin brands and their respective glass coupes, let's talk about gin and tonic glassware. Because let's be real, the perfect G&T deserves the perfect glass.

Types of Glasses for Gin and Tonic

There are a few different types of glasses used for serving gin and tonic, including highball glasses and Collins glasses. Highball glasses are tall and skinny, with a capacity of around 10-12 ounces. Collins glasses are slightly larger and tapered towards the bottom, making them perfect for holding ice and keeping your drink cool.

However, the standout glass for gin and tonic is the balloon glass. This unique glass shape looks like it belongs in a chemistry lab, but it is actually the best option for serving gin and tonic. The balloon shape allows the drink to breathe, opening up the botanical flavors and enhancing the aroma. Plus, the wide rim allows for plenty of ice and garnishes.

cocktail glass for gin and tonic

Is There a Specific Glassware Made Specifically for Gin?

Believe it or not, there are glasses made specifically for gin. These glasses have unique shapes and designs that are meant to highlight the distinct flavours of your gin. If you are a true gin enthusiast, it might be worth investing in a special glass for your favourite brand. No matter what glass you choose for your favourite gin cocktail, you will still need to stir it with a style, right? You can easily elevate your home bartending game with our one-of-a-kind crystal-filled borosilicate glass cocktail stirrers. Our signature Greatfool face adds a touch of fun to every drink while the crystals inside offer positive energy to take your drinking experience to the next level. With a variety of crystal types to choose from, including rose quartz for nurturing friendships, green aventurine for good luck, amethyst for relaxation, and alabaster for courage, there's a stirrer for every mood. TIP: These unique stirrers also make the perfect small gift for any drink lover in your life and are sure to impress. ;)

greatfool crystal stirrers and coupes

Why the Goblet is the Preferred Glass for Gin and Tonic

If you have ever ordered a gin and tonic at a fancy bar, chances are it was served in a goblet. But why is this the preferred glass for gin and tonic? Similar to the balloon glass, the wide rim of the goblet allows for more ice and garnishes, while the stem keeps your hands from warming up the drink. And what is better than G&T in a goblet? You got that right - G&T in our crystal-stemmed goblets. But why? This unique handcrafted and hand-blown fish bowl-shaped glass is perfect for enhancing the aroma and taste of your G&T. It also does double duty - it will become your go-to goblet for drinking wine too! Did I mention that the goblets have their stems hand-filled with our crystals for even more fun? 

Crystal goblets for gin and tonic 

Well, there you have it! We've gone through the best Australian gin brands and the perfect glass coupes to serve them in. And don't forget, the right glassware is just as important for your beloved gin and tonic or any other cocktail. Whether you prefer a classic highball or a trendy balloon glass, it's all about finding the glass that makes your drink sing.

So, go out there and try some new gin brands, you won’t regret it. Mix it up with different glassware and garnishes for extra fun. After all, life's too short to settle for a mediocre drink. Cheers to the perfect pour!

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