Our new collection of fashion-forward pieces stands as a testament to enduring style that transcends trends. Crafted with care from sustainable fibers like hemp, organic cotton, and wool, these garments not only make a statement in the fashion world but also leave a lasting impression on the planet. Embrace sustainability without sacrificing style.


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This little brand of ours is homegrown. We stay true to our roots and the things that shaped us: 50c bags of lollies from the milk bar, classic rock in Dad’s car on carefree sunny Saturdays, and watching and rewatching the movies that made us on well-worn video tapes.

And that’s what’s inspired our second seasonless range for Greatfool---the timeless and oh-so-sweet Sweet Breads apparel capsule.

For us, it’s about the graphic design, the tee shirts---okay, it’s all of it. We’re obsessed with this collection, full of quirky, poppy hand illustrations and brave colour accents synonymous with the Greatfool brand you’ve come to know and love.

Sweet Breads features two graphic tees—the VHS and Knives Out Boyfriend Tees, two organic wool-blend Kawaii-inspired skivvies, four flagship seasonless sweaters, and the return of our flocked black rose fabric in bike shorts for forever-on-trend loungewear perfection.

Built to tie in with our selection of berrylicious colourways in our best-selling 24/7 pants, you’ll bring colour, ignite individuality and, as always, turn heads while you pave your way as a Greatfool Girl.